Humboldt Recycling

Post Office Box 2812
2585 Central Avenue
McKinleyville, CA 95519
(707) 839-3285
Fax: (707) 839-8064

Hours of Operation:

9 AM - 5 PM Monday -Saturday.
9 AM - 4 PM Sunday

We pay for all CA Redemption

We also pay for scrap aluminum, clean aluminum, dirty aluminum, copper, brass, faucet brass,
insulated wire, stainless steel,

and radiators.

Please call for current rates
(prices paid for some items
may vary as they may
be determined by current
market value)

* California Redemption Value (Paid at the    current CRV set by the state)

Click here to learn where to dispose of hazardous waste

Click here to learn where you
can dispose of your
hazardous waste


* CA redemption cans (Must be clean and dry)
Clean aluminum foil and pie pans

Glass * CA redemption glass- Separate by color
Non-redemption glass, bottles, jars, etc.
- Separate by color, rinse and remove caps
          (it is not necessary to remove labels)
Plastics *CA redemption #1 PETE bottles (Remove caps)
Plastic containers with #1 or #2 inside the triangle (mouth of the container must be
          smaller than the base)
#2 (HDPE) colored plastics (bleach, laundry detergent containers, etc.)
#2 (HDPE) milk or water jugs
Cardboard / Chipboard Corrugated cardboard - Please flatten
Brown paper bags
Chipboard - (Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, 12 pack soda or beer boxes, etc.)
Newspaper All inserts can be recycled with the newspaper (please do not insert magazines or catalogues with newspaper. See separate container for these items)
Mixed Paper

Colored paper
White paper

Envelopes - Windowed, plain white, colored, and manilla
Phone books
Computer paper
Junk mail

Magazines / Catalogues NO PHONE BOOKS (Phone books go with mixed paper)
Oil Residential drop off only ($0.25 per gallon with a 5 gallon maximum at any given time)
Batteries Household batteries - No charge
Car batteries - Charge $1.00 per battery
e-Waste We take e-Waste for a fee (Fee varies by waste type)

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